As part of my Celebration 5.0, my cousin Deana and girlfriend Bernadette, accompanied me on a tour of Southeast Asia.  Phuket, Thailand was our 2nd stop.

We stayed at the Amari Phuket.  Our hotel had all the elements of bourgie-ness.  Lemongrass tea, overlooking the sea, pool cabanas, champagne etc.  Going into town, was a different experience.  We found 90-minute Thai massages for $18USD.  We saw people soliciting sex shows to watch…man & woman, man & man, woman & woman.  In the bars on Bangla Road in Patong, one can find all the flavored shot combinations you could possibly think of.

We took a tour to the Phi Phi Islands.  Unfortunately, The Beach was closed for 4-months, starting on the day we arrived due to too much tourism destroying the ecosystem.  The Beach was filmed at Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Lay.