During our trip to Cali, we decided to take an day trip to San Cipriano.  San Cipriano is a little town of Afro-Colombian locals, that is only accessible by taking brujitas from two other towns on the each opposite end or walking (Cordoba or Zaragosa. The brujita is a small motor bike attached to a platform (for the passengers) that runs along the old train passed this town.  The track was once part of the rail system that went from the Pacific coast port in Buenaventura to Cali  The town is located in a national park, San Cipriano Nature Preserve.  The nice thing is that the funds for many of the tours and river excursions in the park all stay within this little community.

A shout out to our driver, Edwin of My House Tours, who escorted us on this tour. He told us about the history of the town and recommended some awesome places to eat for breakfast and lunch.  He also provided us with excellent conversation on the ride to and from (it’s about a 3 hour ride).