What is Bourgie & Adventurous?

Let’s break down the meaning of bourgie & adventurous.

Bourgie is a spin on the French word ‘bourgeois’. Bourgeois means middle class and property owner, but typically perceived as materialistic (according to the Oxford dictionary). Bourgie is basically being snobbish about things.  Of course there are more derogatory definitions, but bourgie people know how to embrace the good things in life. If you’ve never heard the term, you may have stumbled across the wrong blog.   Apparently, according to my son, Brandon (Dr. D), I am bourgie.  Well…to some degree I probably am, which is why my son is a doctor of veterinarian medicine. Yes, I have a certain acquired taste for luxurious things, accommodations, and restaurants. I see nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life.  I embrace the bourgie side.

Adventurous will be used ‘lightly’ in my blog. Let’s just say I still scramble under fences, walk through cow poo, and climb small mountains on a daily basis.  My husband, Ron, calls me ‘jumpy jumpy’ and swears that I am always on the go. I call it adventurous.  Of course, he rarely accompanies me on many of my trips because he realizes that I have way to much energy for him to keep up with. Hey, tomorrow is never promised, so I’m just searching for the next adventure to make it count.  Adventurous to me, is just doing things that a typical bourgie girl wouldn’t normally do.

The reason I started this blog is to keep my friends and family, on and off FB, abreast of my travels.  Besides, I know I am clogging up folks FB feeds when I post all my trips. 😉 Maybe I will encourage some other bourgie girls to be a little more adventurous.  To fly by the seat of their pants before your next spa day.  This will not be a travel blog about backpacking or hostels, remember, I’m bourgie.  I do have a backpack, but this ain’t that kind of blog.  I didn’t share a room with strangers in college and I don’t plan to start.  There will be no hitchhiking stories either.  I’m adventurous, not crazy.