As I explained in my earlier post, Seville is the perfect city logistically for day trips to other cities.  During the September 2017 trip, my husband and I  took day trips to 3 other cities in Spain.

Granada & the Alhambra

Granada is about a 3.5 hour train ride from Seville, and is located southeast of Seville at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.  Granada is famous for being the location of the Alhambra and was the capital of the Moorish Andalusia. the Nasrid Alhambra was built for the Moorish royal court.  It consists of the Palatial City and the Generalife.


We opted for a bus tour to visit Ronda.  The bus ride was about 2 hours to get there once we picked everyone up.  Ronda is also southeast of Seville.  Ronda is famous for its white houses in the side of the mountain and its stone bridge. The city of Rhonda was also one of the filming locations for the television series the ‘Games of Thrones’.


Cadiz was an hour and a half bus ride from Seville.  We took the early morning bus and arrived by the time kids were going to school.  Cadiz is located on the southwest coast of Spain. Cadiz is known for its beaches, watchtowers, abundant seafood, and sherry.  Not to mention, the Bond girl scene where Halle Berry came out of the water on the same beach in her bikini in Cadiz (not Cuba) in ‘Die Another Day’.  I thought Cadiz was one of the cleanest cities I had visited in Spain.